IFMA Educational Programs

Catalog of Courses: Designed to meet the educational needs of facility managers, IFMA’s competency-based curriculum address tasks and projects FMs perform daily. Instructors teach not only the principles of facility management, but also how they operate in the real world. Click here for details.

Self-Study Programs: Learn fundamentals of heating, cooling, electrical systems, etc. Click here for details.

Seminars:   Maintain professional competencies. Click here for details.

IFMA Conference Schedule: Click here for details.

Certified Facility Manager (CFM) & Facility Management Professional

In an effort to increase respect for this growing field, IFMA has instituted a certification program for facility managers. The Certified Facility Manager (CFM) program assesses the knowledge and experience of facility managers through a comprehensive exam focusing on primary competency areas. The Facility Management Professional (FMP) is a knowledge based credential earned through completion of a series or courses.After becoming a CFM or FMP,  individuals must take part in continuing education and professional development activities to maintain their certification and ensure they stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and strategies.

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IFMA Recognized University Degree Programs

As the role of facility managers expands, their numbers continue to increase. More colleges and universities are offering course work and degree plans in facility management. IFMA has developed standards to recognize quality facility management, first-professional degree programs at colleges and universities. The recognized program initiative was designed to recognize and encourage the strengthening of current, valid facility management education degrees and to assist in the development of new facility management degree programs.

Currently, there are five Recognized Programs: 
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